Clark House Initiative

Listening session – poetry and music

Conducted by Frida Robles

Date & Time

04 Jan 2019 at 06:45 PM 07:45 PM


Clark House Initiative

Event Overview

Come, have a chai and listen.
Listening session – poetry and music

Learning how to speak is an Extended Play (EP) by Guatemalan artist Mabe Fratti conformed by four songs that essentially capture the first steps on what Fratti would call a language of her music in a really personal way, exploring mostly extended techniques with her main instrument (cello). The title refers to this new transformation in her playing and how one starts as if one was learning to speak. The songs refer to feelings and a small narrative came out of the combination of titles. The tracks include the improvisation of saxophonist Roberto Tercero (MX) & Concepción Huerta (MX) on the tape loops.

The monkey grammarian a poetry book by the prominent intellectual and writer Octavio Paz. The Monkey Grammarian might be said to have one, is a quest to reach a specific place: Galta, a small town near Jaipur. As Paz goes to Galta for a visit, he discovers he is revisiting the different chambers of his self. Galta soon becomes an excuse for him to talk about the fugitiveness of time and the impossibility of seizing it. It is also about the task of language to capture the dilemma of being conscious about our own action and thought.


Mabe Fratti
Based in Mexico City, Mexico
Born in Guatemala City. Her art focuses on sound, she is a composer and improviser. Her sound explorations have a wide range of approaches and styles, she has worked with different artists and musicians worldwide. Starting from a curiosity to learn more ways on how to apply the artistic power of sound and to tell stories, from intelligible to confusing. She started her academic education in Guatemala, however she has consistently searched by her own and with different artists a means to craft sonic experiences. She has participated in events and exhibitions held by NRMAL, Umbral, Aural, Week of Advanced Music (GT), Volta, Riña Gallery, VERNACULAR Gallery, Jumex Museum, Festival Anxrmal, Derrepente Enderredor, Feminasty, the Digital Culture Center, Present Perfect,, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, and others. She has collaborated with artists such as Gudrun Gut, Joachim Irmler, Julian Bonequi, Camille Mandoki, Denise Gutierrez, Angélica Castelló, Antoine Lang, Concepcion Huerta, Gibran Andrade, Alina Hernandez, Fernando Vigueras, Brad Weber (Pick a Piper, Caribou), Alex Hentze, Pamela Flores, ERREOPEO, Dinelka Liyanage, Andy & Hannes Teichmann, Betty Apple, EvilTapes, CNDSD, among others. Mabe Fratti has a broadcast program on the community radio Radio Nopal in which she focuses her research on creative processes of risky / "experimental" music in Latin America. Occasionally, she organizes events of music, actions, and poetry under the name of Manada.

Frida Robles
Based in Vienna, Austria
Born in Mexico City. Frida Robles is an artist and curator. Her practice focuses on an essayistic approach to different subjects, understanding her practice as a continuous exercise, as always in the making, always trying. She studied her bachelor’s degree in History at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico and a master’s degree at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria. She has been awarded with the FONCA Young Creators in the field of creative essay. She wrote the book “All love letters are ghost stories” as an outcome of an open research on love for which she performed as a public scrivener in the Santo Domingo square in Mexico City where she would write love letters for free. Her work has been exhibited in Mexico, Austria, Sweden, Portugal, USA, Germany, Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria. She has been a resident artist at Q21, Vienna, Austria; Botkyrka Residency, Stockholm, Sweden; transeuropa performing arts festival in Hildesheim, Germany (together with the art collective Blind Date Collaboration); Residency 108, New York State, USA and De Liceiras 18, Porto, Portugal. She was a fellow at the first two session of the Raw Academy held by the Raw Material Company in Dakar, Senegal. She is currently starting a PhD in Philosophy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

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