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November 10, 2018


Antoine Chapon (1990) educated at ESBAN (Nantes), University of Philosophy (Nantes) and at EHESS (Paris). He works with film, installation, photography and 3D animation. His work questions the concept of identity throught the relationship between memory, image and new technologies. Migratory tales, PTSD, algorithms of facial recognition appear as situations and tools present in his artistic practice. He was welcomed for a residency at Mahal Art Space (Morocco) in October and he currently exhibits his work at ZKM|Karlsruhe (Germany). He has participated in various group shows including Discontrol Party, Cité internationale des arts (France) ;Verona Art Fair (Italy) ; HOTEL EUROPA, Vilnius Art Fair (Lithuania) ; Continents des anecdotes, Félix Frachon Gallery (Belgium) ; État d’Urgence, Emergency Gallery (Switzerland) ; Haunted by Algorithms, Ygrec Gallery (France).


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