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Clark House INPRINT is a series of publications written, designed and published by Clark House. It began in 2011 with a series of limited edition print portfolios. We publish notes that are alternate, discuss freedom, art history, and the aesthetics of dissent.

Publication archive

Traps for the troubadours

‘Traps for the troubadours’ is a collective artist’s book of anticipatory notes, images and sketches, made during Clark House Initiative’s curatorial residency for the exhibition ‘L’exidence de la saudade’ from May 18 to July 28, 2013 at Kadist Art Foundation, Paris.


‘Mythography’ is a book published by the Gallery Art and Soul and Clark House Initiative for the solo show of Rithika Merchant, 2013.

Canary in a Coalmine

‘Canary in a Coalmine’ is a book that collects the evolution of thought of the artist Prabhakar Pachpute over the last three years, from 2011-2013, on the occasion of his second solo exhibition, ‘Land Eaters’ from 28 September to 16 November 2013 at Experimenter. This book is co-produced with Experimenter gallery, Calcutta.

One Day It Will All Come Out

‘One Day It Will All Come Out’ is a publication by Clark House InPrint bought out on the event of Soghra Khurasani’s debut solo which is a collaborative project of Clark House Initiative and Tarq in April 2014, Bombay, curated by Hena Kapadia and Sumesh Sharma.


Global Collaborations is a project of the Stedelijk Museum and Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam that runs from 2013 until the end of 2015. The project is based on collaborations with artists and curators whose work deals in various ways with the effects of globalization on different geographic regions.

Global Collaborations was initiated by Jelle Bouwhuis, head of SMBA, and project curator Kerstin Winking. ‘Kamarado’, the fourth and last project of Global Collaborations was produced in collaboration with Sumesh Sharma and Zasha Colah, curators and directors of the Clark House Initiative in Bombay.

Kamarado, a curatorial collaboration between Amsterdam and Bombay, brings together a diverse group of artists from various regions of the world. The conceptual core around which all these individual voices and artistic practices revolve is the idea of the comrade, a term that originally meant “one who shares the same room.” Within this framework, a surprising range of historical complexity arises, including some important, yet almost unknown, Dutch figures who made remarkable contributions to world history. The newly commissioned and existing works enter into conversation with each other, deciphering and bringing the ideas and reversals in Kamarado to the fore.
Stedelijk Museum Burea Amsterdam

12 September – 8 November 2015
With new commissions by Adrian Melis, Amol K Patil, Jeronimo Voss, Sharelly Emanuelson, Sawangwongse Yawanghwe, Sosa Joseph; and added “cues: by Htein Lin, Juddy Blum Reddy, Mieke Van de Voort, Rupali Patil.

Notes On Migration

13 April - 10 may 2017
Artists: Jyothidas KV and Sarojini Lewis

We are connecting personal memories with the larger history of migration to see how these memories have cross overs. This collaboration intends to simulate a ‘melting pot’ in which we reinterpret these transnational character of memories. Certain memories of migration transcend the border of nations and geographical distances. In particular, the narrative of indentured labour migration from various regions of India. Contract workers were recruited largely from UP and Bihar during colonial period from the mid 18 th century until its abolition around 1917, a hundred years ago. Surinam was one destination colony ruled by the Dutch where a ‘multicultural society’ was constructed by means of various migration streams that were brought in according to the required skills of laborers. The memories that people brought from various countries to Surinam remains in oral traditions, stories, literature and archives and form resources that we explored for new interpretations. A memory as such is not bound to one geographical location but could exist simultaneously in various locations or meeting points. The book consists of drawings and woodblock-prints by Jyothidas KV and photography by Sarojini Lewis.


This booklet is a series of found images and advertisement collected by Sudheer Rajbhar published during the group show, ‘Narcissism and Social Interaction’, curated by Parashar Naik from 5 July 2017 - 5 August 2017 at Clark House Initiative, Bombay.


TAKE / THE / CITY, initiated by Niccolò Moscatelli, is a collaborative collective project that involves more than 20 artists from different backgrounds, level of education and practice. The artists invested in the city of Mumbai and its suburbs with a series of various artistic interventions in public space questioning the power and the politics of the urban structure and of the metropolitan late-capitalist environment. Starting from an almost ironic manifesto and during two workshops, the artists engaged in a shared conversation about politics and art, arriving to the final works through constructive and collective criticism. The interventions took place from 27th November to 3rd December. Due to their intrinsic ephemerality, the only trace of the works is a book that was published in December and a series of talks that took place in Clark House.

Eat with great delight.

This book is a collection of recipe poems published as a part of the solo show of Rajyashri Goody at Clark House Initiative,Bombay from 12 July – 6 August 2018, curated by Rosanna McLaughlin & Skye Arundhati Thomas.


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